The "Terrace"

From the dining area, through a large glass door, you can reach the "Terrace" where you can relax from March to October.

The Terrace has a wooden slatted floor and adorned with an array of plants and ivy. 

The vital centerpiece of the "Terrace" is a large 300x100 wooden table with 8 reclining chairs that allows for lunches or dinners with 10 people in an easy manner.

A large motorized awningallows you to stay out of the sun and any light rain.

The table remains in view of the glass windows of the Loft and allows to eat comfortably in 10 people who can still remain in contact with any other people who remain inside.

The terrace is about 60 square meters and in addition to the presence of the table still offers plenty of space to enjoy the sun and fresh air.

In a corner of the Terrace there is also a gas BBQ on which you can cook and grill to your liking.

And even during the night the Terrace can offer emotions and moments of relaxation and romance.

The decor is distinctive. I lived here for six years and the apartment contains little pieces of my life.


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